About Us

About us

It has been in the business of capturing memories since 2010. While the team boast of India’s smartest, we are handy with the finest and latest in equipments and technology. But, what we are really proud of (beyond the craft) is the art of creating emotionally powerful images. We genuinely cherish making wedding stories that will remain in your family for ages to come – the videos and albums will be your forever key to the happiest memories. We look forward to making you look fabulous on your special day!

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Wedding Photography

It is easy to capture a photograph, but capturing a moment… that’s the art. The canvas of wedding is painted with all these moments – colors of joy, pixels of laughter and texture of emotions.

Engagement Photography

Engagement is the first big step you take towards your new life. Initiating into something as big as this can be daunting but we will not let the stress show on your adorable faces. Our candid shots will capture your budding love perfectly.

Family Photography

Papa ki ladlis and mummy ka raja betas can finally heave a sigh of relief as we take over and ensure the most important people in your life, family, are in focus, quite literally

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

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