We are a creative film, video & photography production company based in Bhubaneswar,Odisha

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Shivam Studio is a wedding house involved in photography and creating films. As you walk through the sands of time recollecting and reliving these memories will be the best gift for you and we are here to take care of just that. Always up and ready to deliver those unique clicks, poses both weird and beautiful alike waiting to become Forever yours. And the best thing about us is “We work to make your day of emotions, into an everlasting impression imprinted in the warmest corners of your heart and as the best memories of your mind ”.

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Review Or Commentary. People rely on social media like YouTube to ensure the quality of any product. ... Prank Videos. ... Interviews. ... Promotional Videos. ...


We are especially working on wedding, birthday,ring ceremony and event photography

Video Editing

We are also providing video editing services in short film, music videos and marriage videos etc,

Audio Recording

we are working on music or audio recording in best instruments